My name is Andrew Cunningham.  I'm 55.  I'm passionate about making a difference in the quality of people's lives by helping them to find their passions, their purposes, and their own unique identities.


Over the years I've learnt that the mind is the most powerful asset we have as human beings and I do my best to live a life by example because I value honesty, integrity and sincerity.

I'm hardworking, I'm reliable and I love to help people because I'm caring, I'm compassionate, I'm creative and I'm growing daily and there's no one else on planet earth who could push me any harder than what I do already.


I'm genuine and the same person for all people, all the time.  What you see is what you get.  You'll always know where you are with me.  Where some people love me, other people may hate me. Either way that is okay, because I know for absolute certainty that there is no one else on the planet who can add anything to me or who can take anything away from who I am.


Am a perfect -  No!

Am I special  - No!

Am I unique?  Well, possibly, but not any more so than anyone else on the face of this planet.  

Am I the go-to relationships guy – No!

I'm just the guy who has made a ton load of relationship mistakes, not taken action to get the results and packaged them up in a way that I'm hoping is going to help you....


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