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Today's culture celebrates being busy, and it is something that most of us strive for, even if we are overwhelmed.  Nearly all of us have been conditioned to think that the feeling of having no time, and the sense of drowning in our day-to-day tasks and professional responsibilities is a sign of success.  Is this perspective correct?


Well, not necessarily.  Being busy at a job you hate will have a significant impact on your happiness, wellbeing, and overall quality of life.  If you dread each morning, or the prospect of sitting in front of a desk each day leaves you feeling bored and unfulfilled, then you might be busy, but unsatisfied.


Unfortunately coming to terms with this is not easy.  The weight of multiple responsibilities forces us to believe we cannot afford to contemplate a career transformation.  There are bills to pay, most of us have a family to support and a retirement to plan that convinces us that we should be thankful we have a job at all, so we end up putting our happiness and professional dreams on the back burner.


Have you ever considered that we spend a significant portion of our lives at work?  The average adult spends over 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.  Do you want to spend such a large chunk of your life unhappy and unsatisfied?


I believe that we deserve to be in a place that we love, working towards the goals and dreams we have envisioned for ourselves it is our duty to ensure that we do not let the dissatisfaction worsen and bleed into the other aspects of our daily lives including relationships.

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