Right at the heart of coaching is determining a goal, and the goal needs to be determined by you, the client.

So, the first question I’m going to ask you is “What is your goal?”.

As you’re figuring out your goal or goals for the issue that you’ll bring to the session, it could be one or more of the four “types” of goals I’ve listed below in terms of where your goal currently sits.

Dream Goal or “what’s the bigger picture”

For example, “Create the property maintenance company of the future”

Well, it’s a great goal, but it’s not 100% within your control.

End Goal or “What are you aiming to achieve?”

For example, “Within 10 years transform my property maintenance company using the power of new technologies and innovation and using my management team to enable this”

Another great goal, but it’s still not 100% within your control.

Performance Goal or “What will you deliver”

For example, “By 2021 streamline and fully automate our obsolete paper-based processes to a fully integrated digital online platform which delivers high-quality experiences for the customer and employee”

This goal is tangible, serves the dream and end goal and your 99% in control

Process Goal or “What actions will you take”

For example, “I will bring property maintenance processes with real-time automation and bring insight to the business”

The Action will be to “ a) Within 2 weeks I will set up a project team to source the suppliers to evaluate our business processes and technologies b) Within 4 months I will award the preferred supplier c) I will set up monthly meetings with all department heads 2 months after the solution has been implemented to ensure the new system is delivering customer and employee satisfaction based on internal key performance indicators

The above goal has SMART steps and the detailed work (actions) needed to reach the performance goal. It also serves ALL the above goals and is 100% in your control.

Over time additional “process goals” and their actions can be introduced to ultimately achieve the dream and or end goals.

My job is to help you empower you to make your goals a reality.

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