Is Your Belief System Holding You Back?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Our mind-set consists of core filters, our upbringing, the environment we are in and significant emotional events, and all of this happened so long ago it becomes in some cases totally forgotten and hidden and buried deep inside of us.

Having a mind-set doesn't allow for change, for growth, self-development or challenging of our values and beliefs.

Our core values and beliefs largely come from the programming from our parents, and later by our peers, friends ,teachers and educators, religion, culture, employers, media, partners and society as a whole. For some of us our values and beliefs can be very rewarding, but for some of us they can be obstacles that hold us back from the life we deserve.

How can we expect more from our lives if we keep doing what we have always done or thinking as we have always thought, particularly when so much of our indoctrination has been passed down through generations and may no longer be valuable for the time period in which we now live?

Values are what matter to us; what's REALLY important, what we focus on, they make us take action (or not take action), negative values exist too they are part of our motivation or lack of it.

Values drive individual's choices and decisions. They attract or resist us to an activity or goal and determine the actions we will take.

If limiting beliefs are left unchecked this might stop a client taking the necessary action, they need in order to actually achieving their goals.

Take a look at how you spend your time, that will give you a good starting point for identifying your core values as you could be spending a lot of time battling with lack of confidence, lack of self-worth, fear of failure and many negative limiting beliefs.

As a coach it is my responsibility to reflect back to the client any limiting beliefs I might hear and to work with you to be self-aware of your own limiting beliefs as they come up and encourage and support you to work on them, we are all not perfect, WE ARE ALL WORK IN PROGRESS!

Check out my blog "Reasons Why You Need To Be Thinking Positively” as it’s a start to addressing limiting beliefs.


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