MBM Tips To Improve Work-Life Balance

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

“You are in charge of your life!” You must believe in this mantra if you wish for things to change. The assistance of life may be extremely beneficial, but primarily, it is you who should take the lead.

Bad work/life balance can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. To learn about some steps, you can take to achieve better work-life balance for yourself, read the tips below:

Plan Your Day – Make Time For Fun And Rest!

If I advise you to schedule times to workout, socialise and other leisure activities to your day that is already brimming full of work-related tasks, then you may think that my suggestion is counter intuitive. However, it is essential to remember that balance is all about taking the time to relax and have fun so you can go back to focusing on work with reduced stress. It would be best if you plan some activities that refresh and replenish your mind and body at the start of the week because it will serve as a much-needed break from the office and help you increase productivity.

Saying No

Establishing clear limitations is an essential part of creating and maintaining a balance between work and home. Answering “Yes” all the time may improve your standing as an employee and career, but it can harm your health and relations. It is essential to prioritise, especially during busy periods, and say no.

Likewise, bringing work home may look like a convenience at first but, it can become a bad habit that can turn your home into another workspace. Establish boundaries by minimising the expectation to work, unpaid, and out of working hours by letting your supervisor know that you’ll get back to the task on the next day.

‘Work Smart, Not Long’!

Ambition and working harder and for a longer time to achieve your goals is excellent, but have you considered that working too much might be holding you back, rather than helping. The ‘work smart, not long’ method focuses on prioritisation and planning. By using this method, you give yourself a timeframe for tasks, without losing focus, procrastinating, or taking too long. Plan and prioritise by writing down your top priorities daily at the start of the day or night and don’t forget to make time for a proper lunch break and end time. Stick to the routine.

Prioritise Health

Your mental and physical wellbeing is your top priority. I strongly advise against pushing through illness because it can make matters worse and can lead to severe issues like burnout. Frequent headaches or sleeplessness is a sign that you need to consult a Doctor and work on your physical and mental health. As daunting it may be, make your employers aware of the impact of too much work and long hours on your health and wellbeing. A supportive employer will help you figure out a more flexible work plan.

Focus On What You Want

If your working situation allows you to define work timings and places that will improve your work/life balance, then talk to your boss. You could work out the possibility of working remotely.

A tough question: Are You Happy In Your Career Or Role?

We all have our different ideas of work and life balance. However, it is vital that we try to set rules that can help us strike the correct balance.


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