Reasons Why You Need to Be Thinking Positively

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

According to the Mayo Clinic, there is a wide range of health benefits linked to thinking positively.

Here are some of them:

1. Better overall psychological health

2. Lower rates of depression

3. Longer life expectancy

4. Lower stress levels

5. Increased resistance to the common cold

6. Better stress management and coping skills

7. Lower risk of heart disease and related death

8. Increased physical well-being

Thinking positively doesn't mean having to be unrealistic or deluded. It means simply dealing with life and life's up’s and downs as they are. What it means is a willingness to crack and do the work necessary to get on with the business of living fully with life’s demands.

Thinking positively can start with the power of affirmations.

What are affirmations?

One of the most powerful techniques to reprogram thinking is the use of #Affirmations as can be used to re-programme your thought patterns and change the way you think and feel about things simply by repeating it to yourself at various times of the day.

It will help you develop your self-talk and have a dramatic impact upon your behaviour and achievement.

You must believe your affirmations you’ve created for yourself are possible, realistic and you know are within your control to achieve.

Start today, right now and write down six affirmations you want for yourself and your life based on the following guidelines.


Starting precisely what you want rather than what you don’t want.


Describing a specific quality, you want. So, start your affirmation with words “I”, or “My”. For example, “I am a positive person who sees the best in every situation”

Stated in the present tense

Write it as if you already have the quality. For example, “I will be positive”

Here are some examples of positive related to various areas of self-development:

I know, accept and am true to myself.

I believe in, trust and have confidence in myself.

I will eat well, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest to enjoy good health.

I will learn from my mistakes.

I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I will forgive myself for not being perfect because I know I'm human.

I will never give up.

Have fun creating your own and tailoring them to suit your own needs and tastes.

Making the most of affirmations on a daily basis can uplift, inspire and motivate you.


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