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Updated: Jun 21, 2019

You might think that you are making a wiser choice by selecting your work-life over your personal life and giving it your 100 % will help you achieve your goals faster. Well, this is a complete misconception that ruins both our professional and personal lives. Being a life coach, I have been given the chance of transforming lives by guiding people about the sheer necessity of finding the correct balance and practising this to ensure that neither work nor personal life is being affected by one another.

Mental health and peace is the stepping-stone to a successful work-life. According to the Mental Health Foundation, 40 %+ employees ignore the essential aspects of their personal lives to establish and grow their professional lives; however, this leads to mental health issues that do more harm than good to their personal lives.

Work-life and personal life go hand-in-hand. You possibly cannot have a successful work-life with the absence of inner peace and fulfillment.

What Are The Common Signs Of An Unhealthy Work-life Balance?

As a life coach, I find it extremely unfortunate that most of us are accustomed to the idea that we have to give our work-life our level best even if it unreasonably compromises our personal lives. Your brain needs a break. It is very unhealthy if your work stress keeps you awake all night long or your to-do list haunts you every now and then, or if you are unable to focus on any other task or enjoy yourself because your mind is continuously thinking about work, and you do not feel rested even after 8 hours of good sleep. Then you are in desperate need of finding the perfect work/life balance.

I have witnessed many people completely transform their work-life after finding the correct balance between their work-life and professional life. However, unfortunately, most people are entirely unaware of the common signs of stress that indicate an unhealthy work-life balance:

• Long-lasting aches and pains like muscle tension, chronic headache, and fatigue.

• The inability of getting enough rest or proper good night sleep.

• Improper diet and eating habits.

• Consistently feeling anxious, irritable, snappy, and/or stressed out.

Lack of motivation and/or having low self-esteem.

• Catching colds or other illnesses more frequently.

Can A Life Coach Help You Find the Perfect Work-Life Balance?

Unbalanced work-life balance does not only have adverse effects on your health and mental wellbeing, but it profoundly affects your relationships. It can completely ruin your love life without you even realising.

So, if are unsure about whether or not you have found the perfect balance, a life coach can help you not only find the right work-life balance, but also help you overcome the issues that cause an unbalanced work-life, help you find your inner peace and also ensure that you get the chance to reconnect with your loved ones. Thus, enabling you to live a happy, healthy life without losing your control of neither your work-life nor personal life.


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